Mystic Tristan


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Reveals the lessons behind your experience

Experience: 30 yrs.

AskNow Since: 2021

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Languages: English

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  • Astrology
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  • Goddess-centric Ordained Minister Hermetic Priest, Ennochian Practitioner Ceremonial Magician, Cabbalist

I give Entertaining Spiritual Advice in line with the Qabalistic and Astrological Correspondences to the Tarot

I have studied all the great new age leaders and have memorized the Tarot and have studied Witchcraft, Christianity, Paganism, Comparative Religion, Ennoch, Lucifer, Crowley, Regardie, Dion Fortune, Rudolf Steiner, and many more of the turn of the century occultists.

My Mother practiced Holistic Medicine, Yoga and Meditation when I was a child and by my early teens I was hypnotizing myself and practicing creative visualization. I was a gifted child and began counselling others at a very early age. I spent continuous years memorizing the Tarot and have read thousands of people’s cards and cast many astrology charts. My readings have opened hearts and changed minds and people’s lives have been forever altered from my interpretation of the Tarot. Be prepared to have a Spiritual seed sown within you.


Goddess-centric, Ennochian/Hermetic Practioner: Qabbalah, Astrology, Tarot


Multiple incarnations spent in the service of others


Founder of the ‘Pink Lodge of Transmasonry” Transgender Masonic Order


Working with your living Tarot to transform your Spiritual Journey bringing you in line with your own plan for yourself.