Punk Rock [50 Best Songs Ever]

Michael FK – Nameless

Throughout the years, Michael FK’s name has become synonymous with consistency. Tight drums and airy atmospheres are the hallmarks of his discography, with his latest track “Nameless” staying true to this sentiment.

Consistency, however, does not disallow creativity. “Nameless” brings a somewhat cinematic flavour to Michael’s instantly-recognisable ambient sound palette. Vocal swells are pulled along by reverbed-out piano chords while pads shift around in the background.

The drums are unusual in their rhythm. Somewhat broken and segmented, they seem to float over the track. Delayed hihats and foley hits sit high and wide in the stereo field, sharply contrasting the thickness of the reese sub gliding along underneath.

Stream “Nameless” below, and make sure to acquaint yourself with the cavernous depths of Michael FK’s discography when you have the time. It’s well worth a listen.

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Published at Mon, 12 Apr 2021 03:52:20 +0000

Punk Rock [50 Best Songs Ever]

Best compilation of Punk Rock ever!

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DOA live in 2camHD on MPRV News…no more words needed❤️
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